C’est la nouvelle campagne pour la course nocturne féminine organisée par Nike à Sidney ce printemps !

Présentation (en anglais) :

The inaugural 13km race will light up Centennial Park Sydney on the evening of 3 May 2012. The creative campaign, developed by Us Sydney, features race ambassadors recruited from Nike She Runs Facebook community starring in online films, print ads and outdoor posters. When scanned by a QR reader, the outdoor posters launch a video inviting others to join her for local training sessions and night runs in the lead up to the race.

The event was launched to the community on Facebook with a short film that follows one runner’s journey into the night. It can be personalised so runners can challenge their friends to join them and run the night.

Says Us Sydney executive creative director, Christy Peacock: « It’s really important to us that this race is owned by the grassroots female running community of Sydney. Our entire campaign is about telling their stories and making them the heroes, »

Nike Pacific marketing director, Juliana Nguyen added: « Nike wanted to motivate women to lace-up and discover the excitement and enjoyment of night running with their friends. She Runs The Night will inspire women to run together around an iconic Sydney venue, Centennial Park, and celebrate night running in a safe environment. »

Et une vidéo :